Autumn 2019


The 2019 apple crop is ripening and it’s time to think about juicing any spare fruit. We will be offering a similar service to previous years. As usual please make sure that any apples that you bring to us for juicing should be ripe and edible. Here is the form for this year

1. Bring the apples here to Mill Orchards in Great Witley in good solid waterproof containers with your name and contact details on each container.

2. We will mill, press, bottle and pasteurise the juice and put the glass bottles back in the containers that you brought the apples in.

3. We will then ring or email you with quantities and price.

This year there is a national issue regarding green and clear glass bottles. Unfortunately this means that we have had to source bottles from abroad which has meant that the price has to reflect this. We can’t do the job for less than £1.60 per bottle. Hopefully next year everything will be back to normal and we can reduce the price again.

We recommend that if you have cooking apples- mix it  50-50 with eaters otherwise it makes a very tart juice. Similarly if you have pears, we need to mix it with apple juice to stabilise it.

Please let us know when you will be bringing in the fruit. As a guide each bottle of juice is made from 2 kg of apples. Minimum quantity of apples to bring is 20kg (10 bottles)

Once bottled the juice will last for at least 2 years. Once the bottle is opened keep refrigerated and drink within 1 week otherwise the juice will ferment.

For all queries , please ring 07772 028304.or email

Thanks…..Peter  and Julia van Tongeren

Pictures by David Evans, Fox Lane Photography