About us

Welcome to Mill Orchards, a small fruit farm in the village of Great Witley  in the County of Worcestershire. The farm nestles on the southerley slopes of Abberley Hills with rich deep loam soils ideal for growing good quality fruit. The orchards have been owned by the van Tongeren family since 1987. As well as growing apples and pears we have for a number of years grown raspberries and gooseberries for both the fresh market and for making our award winning juices. In 2008 we planted our first small vineyard- a new venture which hopefully will result in some fine wines. More details of the vineyard at www.abberleyhillsvineyard.co.uk

 We had a farm shop for many years but reluctantly decided to close it in 2006 after having a review of our business. We now concentrate on growing quality apples and pears for supermarket and making our own11 varieties of apple juices including our blended juices namely apple and raspberry, apple and blackcurrant and apple and pear.

We grow all the main varieties of apples, namely Cox, Bramley, Worcester, Discovery as well as some traditional ones such as Laxton Fortune, Lord Lambourne, Egremont Russet and Spartan. In recent years a replant programme has started to fulfil the consumer demands for newer varieties such as Red Falstaff ,Gala, Red Windsor and Braeburn..

With the pear varieties all the main ones are grown namely Conference, Comice and Concord. All our top fruit are marketed through Wye Fruit Ltd. The farm . used to grow soft  and bush fruit such as blackcurrants and strawberries but now grows just gooseberries for supermarkets and raspberries for local outlets and our own juice.

To be able to market our produce to the supermarkets and consumers we have since 2001 been members of Assured produce, an accredited independent  certification organisation and HEFF   hygiene and food safety standard.

We continue to develop the farm and replant when necessary always with an eye to keeping our rich variety of flora and fauna.

We are part of  Defra’s Environmental Stewardship Scheme.